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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Hala UthmanHala Uthman
Passed 1st time
Saj was an excellent instructor, he helped me put my Theory in practice while staying calm and confident. I found the LD system very helpful and user friendly.

Kamalpreet KuarKamalpreet Kuar
I passed my Driving test
I am so glad that I passed my Driving test. It was all because of my instructor Saj who instilled confidence in me that I can do well and will surely pass the test. My instructor is a very nice man. He always motivated me to give my best. He has always provided positive and negative feedback to enhance my driving skills. All in all he is a positive instructor for students. I am very pleased to be one of Saj's students and learnt something from him. THANKS SAJ 😀

Joshua MeadJoshua Mead
1st time pass
Saj was a pleasure to be instructed by. Helps you with everything you know, i didn't know. I'd never driven before but he makes sure your comfortable in your own ability. The online workbook and videos help alot with the theory and preparation for the Driving test. I took 11 lessons and we both thought I was ready and due to Saj's wise words i passed 1st time with only 7 minors. I'm very grateful for Saj's help and i can't thank him enough.

Dr Thea Valentine Dr Thea Valentine
Happy I passed my Driving test
Saj as an instructor was calm, reassuring and patient. I would recommend Saj to be your driving instructor. The workbook had lots of information and the login on the website had lots of videos to show what you needed to know. The only downside was the workbook is not for automatic and could be improved for automatic cars as well.

Khajista SadiaKhajista Sadia
Passed 1st time
LDC is a very good driving school. Saj the instructor was nice and helpful. I am happy that I chose him and I passed 1st time with his teaching. On his website he gave online access to information so you can pass your test quickly. It has lots to learn by reading and videos. I would recommend others to do your driving lessons with him to pass your car test soon.

So Happy passing my test.
I just want to say thank you Saj (LDC). He has been really excellent with me, he had time for me, just what I wanted. He had patience very calm instructor I've ever seen. I moved from Elliot Driving School to LDC Driving School, I didn't regret it, in fact it was the right choice. I've passed my driving test. Saj is the best. He treated me with respect. And their website was really good and helped me a lot, easy to access and had useful information to pass your test.

Dr Judith ArukweDr Judith Arukwe
Passed first time with Saj
My instructor Saj was fantastic, I particularly liked that he was well organised and had a structured plan for every lesson we had. I had sadly left my previous instructor who wasn’t of much help to me and in comparison with Saj, I can see why he (Saj) has a high pass rate. He is very student focused and tailors the lessons around your weakness. I passed at my first attempt and have Saj to thank for it. The importance of the student centred LD system cannot be over emphasised. My instructor (Saj) kept insisting I log on and look at the website and when I read the notes and watched the videos, there was a huge improvement in my driving.

Jaisy JamesJaisy James
Passed first time with Saj
The way Saj taught me was very good. He was clear with his instructions and always gave good advice. Even before I had my test he went through things I shouldn't do and things I should. I would recommend Saj to be your teacher as well. Thank you Saj for the hard work you put in to get me through my test.

Carly BrightwellCarly Brightwell
First time pass
Saj was great! He taught me everything I needed to know for my test. I felt very comfortable on the day of my test and everything went as expected. Saj told me what to work on and to make sure I do on the day of the test. Saj took his time with me and explained everything well. I would recommend Saj to anyone who is learning to drive in the UK.